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CAUTION: I am weird and random and tangent-y as all.get.out
otherwise I am pretty friendly, compassionate toward strangers, thirsty for knowledge, easily tempted by anything that might lead to Spontaneous Fun, love f00d, LOVE MUSIC/CONCERTS etc, am a huge |)012|<, often blinded/shy/sensitive/caring/loyal/inner optimist & romantic, yet also am outgoing/talkative/spiteful/wary of being hurt/drawn toward nihilism, love DANCING, & firmly believe & often assert that Life is the In-Between.

If you really want to know, TALK to me cause anything else is just a snapshot.
a perfect circle, adult swim, alan rickman, alec su, anime, aqua teen hunger force, as tall as lions, ben gibbard, billy idol, bjork, bowling, brad pitt, bright eyes, calla lily, carbon leaf, catullus, charlie kaufman, christopher guest, clubs, coldplay, colin meloy, comedy, concerts, conor oberst, cooking, cowboy bebop, damien rice, dancing, dave chappelle, david bowie, david gray, david usher, death cab for cutie, dirty dancing, donnie darko, duncan sheik, dune, eccentricity, ed norton, elliott smith, family guy, fashion, futurama, gandalf, garden state, great teacher onizuka, guitar, guy ritchie, harry potter, hellsing, hero, hooverphonic, humor, ian mckellen, independent films, individuality, jack johnson, jeff buckley, jim carrey, jimmy eat world, jimmy lin, johnny depp, kate winslet, kieran culkin, kill bill, lacuna coil, lady chatterley's lover, lali puna, lo-fidelity all stars, lolita, lost in translation, luke wilson, lycanthropy, maile meloy, marilyn manson, massive attack, maynard james keenan, mirah, mix cds, modern fairy tales, monty python, mos def, mythology, naruto, nick drake, nine inch nails, noir, nora roberts, office space, omelettes, patrick wolf, piano, poe, professor snape, pumpkin, quotes, radiohead, rammstein, ray bradbury, road trips, robert redford, rurouni kenshin, sarah brightman, sarah mclachlan, shaolin soccer, shoes, shopping, sound of silence, spirited away, stargate sg-1, starr hill, system of a down, tadpole, tennis, the cure, the decemberists, the microphones, the notwist, the postal service, the stills, the sun also rises, the way we were, thunderstorms, tool, tori amos, uva, vampires, wit, witches, zach braff